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Important Information Regarding Paying Your Rent

Fees must be paid prior to processing an application. Call the rental office for details.

You will now be able to pay your rent online by bank account for FREE! Or you may pay online by credit/debit card for a small fee. Please stop by the office to obtain your account information for paying online through Rent Café (requires your email address on-file at office).

You may also pay your rent by money order! You will now be able to pay your rent at local retailers like Walmart, Kmart, Kroger, etc. You will need to stop by the office to obtain a "WIPS Paycard".

IMPORTANT: Please come by our office during regular hours to set up your payment choice. Effective June 1st, our office will not accept your rent payment any other way than listed above. Also, there will no longer be a drop box at our office.

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